A festival of kites - Part 2

Din Din’s family sat around the dining table. The breakfast that lay before them was getting cold.

“Who could have stolen my kite?” Din Din blurted out in exasperation. “It was in the backyard!”

“Could it be thieves?” Mrs. Dee asked anxiously.

Mr. D shook his head, “This is a safe neighbourhood. I don’t think it could have been a robbery.”

“It could be the jackals,” Mrs. Dee continued.

“The jackals are not allowed in this part of D’Land,” reminded Mr. D calmly. “And what would the jackals do with a kite?”

“It could be one of my classmates. We all have to make a kite for Monday and maybe someone found out my kite was already complete,” Din Din said.

“Let’s not jump to conclusions, Din Din. We don’t have any proof so we can’t go accusing anyone,” their father warned him.

“Then I want to go to Tazzo. He has been elected head of the dinosaurs and he said we could come to him with any problem,” Din Din said vehemently. “My property has been stolen from inside my house.”

“Ummm… going to Tazzo doesn’t seem to be a good idea,” said Derek, Din Din’s younger brother, nervously. “You know how aggressive he is.”

“Let’s just make a new kite, Din Din dear,” Grandfather tried to cajole him. “We are simply wasting time sitting here wondering what could have happened to your old one.”

“Yes,” Derek said getting up eagerly, “We can make a better kite than the one we made yesterday. We will help you again.”

The sticks, banana leaves and string was collected. The family sat in the garden outside their cave home and set to work. In a few hours the kite was complete but it was nothing like the kite they had made the day before.

Din Din did not have lunch and went off to the lake to meet his best friends Delma and Dazel. If there was anyone who could make him feel better, it was his friends.

“Hello, Din Din,” exclaimed Delma. “You’re here early. What’s wrong? You look upset,” remarked Delma as she bobbed at the lake’s edge.

“Yes,” Din Din sighed, “I am very upset.” And out came the story of his lost kite.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Delma. Just then Dazel also flew towards them. When she heard the tale, she was aghast. “Let’s go find your kite,” she insisted already flapping her bright, yellow wings.

“We already looked all over the neighbourhood this morning,” Din Din said shaking his head.

“Still, take me to your home and lets retrace your steps,” said Dazel. “It’s detective Dazel to the rescue!” So Din Din took Dazel home to his cave in Fruit Park.

“This is where we were making the kite on Friday evening,” Din Din told Dazel as they passed by the tiny garden bordering their cave. “Then at night I put the kite in the backyard,” he continued as he led the duck to the back of the cave.

“There is no entrance to the backyard except from inside the cave,” Dazel mused. ’So whoever took it came from inside the house.“ She peered around the backyard with a piece of glass in her hand.

“What’s that?” Din Din asked.

“This is a magnifying glass. It helps me search for clues. I’m looking at the footprints in your backyard,” Dazel explained.

After some time Dazel looked at Din Din solemnly, “Din Din, the only footprints I can see are those of your family members.”

“See, it’s a mystery!” Din Din said stamping his feet.

“No, it’s not,” Dazel said ominously. “It means someone from your family has taken the kite.”

“What are you saying, Dazel?” Din Din whispered, his eyes growing larger.

“It’s simple; there is no one else who could have entered the backyard. The footprints indicate that only you and your brothers or your parents and grandparents entered the backyard.

“Could someone else’s footprints have been hidden under our tracks,” Din Din suggested.

“Maybe, but I see no evidence of it,” Dazel said shaking her head. “Come; let’s go into your room.”

Din Din’s room was empty as his brothers had gone out to play. Dazel quickly peeked under the beds made of rock.

“Nothing here,” she said. “Here’s my new kite,” Din Din shared as he lifted a kite off his bed. “But my older one was simply perfect.”

Just then Derek, Dave and Don rushed into the room. They seemed to be startled to see Dazel. “Er…hello Dazel,” Derek greeted the duck weakly.

“Hi, I’m here to investigate the case of the missing kite,” Dazel said cheerily. The brothers glanced at each other nervously.

Suddenly, Don began to sob. Dave ran from the room while Derek stood there shuffling from one big green foot to another.

Dazel eyed them suspiciously, “Derek, is there something you’re not telling us?” Din Din seemed dumbstruck at the drama unfolding before him.

“Din Din,” Derek began in a croak. “We took your kite last night to try to fly it. You were fast asleep and we were so excited to see it fly but once we took it out in the dark and we tried to fly it, the string snapped and it flew away.”

“Derek! Why didn’t you just tell me the truth?” Din Din wailed. It was a heart breaking sound.

“I’m so sorry, Din Din,” Derek begged. “We didn’t mean to damage your kite. We didn’t tell you because you would have been so angry.”

Soon Din Din’s parents and grandparents were informed and the three younger brothers were grounded.

“This is shameful,” Mrs. Dee said sternly glaring at Derek, Dave and Don. “Stealing and then lying! I’m shocked!”

The three brothers were sent to bed without dinner.

On Monday morning, Din Din took his new kite to school. His brothers followed him quietly.

After assembly the entire Terrestrial School assembled to watch Paula the puma lead her class to the hilltop. Soon the sky was filled with fluttering kites and the air echoed with cheers and laughs.

At the end of the invigorating half hour, Paula announced, “The kite which flew the highest was Din Din’s kite! Well done, Din Din!” she cheered. All the gathered teachers and students broke into applause while Din Din grinned, blushing.

Derek, Dave and Don walked up to Din Din as he lugged his kite back towards his class. “Congratulations Din Din. We are sorry! Please forgive us. We promise never to lie and never to take anything without permission,” Derek spoke meekly.

Din Din was too pleased with his success to hold a grudge any longer. “It’s okay! Thanks for helping me with my kite,” he said graciously. And the four brothers hugged each other.

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