A fright for the birds

"Wiz Rooster, Sir! We spotted a pair of eagles near Aviary School today. They were circling the school from high up in the sky," Dazel told the Aviary School principal.

"I was at my pond when I saw them."

"Really? said Wiz Rooster “Not to worry, Dazel dear." But Dazel was worried. By that evening, the pond side was buzzing with activity and rumour about the eagles which had been seen.

"I have heard that eagles can prey on mammals like rabbits, marmots, ground squirrels, and even large ones like foxes, wild and domestic cats, mountain goats, ibex, and young deer. But what's more, they are also keen to eat birds," said Swain the swan with a shudder.

Grandfather Frog added, as he leapt near the group of birds assembled at the pond, "These eagles are a sight to behold! They are large, powerfully built birds of prey, with a heavy head and beak. There are 61 species of eagles. Like all birds of prey, eagles have very large hooked beaks for tearing flesh from their prey, strong muscular legs, and powerful talons. The beak is also heavier than most other birds of prey."

"Yes, and we learnt at school that the most fascinating thing about eagles is their sharp eyesight. This keen eyesight is due to their extremely large pupils which ensure minimal scattering of the incoming light," said one of the magpies assembled in the group, "so once an eagle spots you there's no hiding."

The next day Dazel met her friends Din Din and Delma at the pond and the eagles were the hot topic of conversation there too.

"I saw them again this morning," said Dazel wide-eyed, flapping her bright wings nervously. "What's scaring me is that Wiz Rooster also looks concerned. He was also there when the pair of eagles were flying over us this morning. He took one look at them and declared that they were golden eagles."

"Were they actually golden in colour?" asked Delma in amazement.

"No. They seemed brown from a distance but Wiz Rooster told me they have a bit of golden plumage on their heads and necks," replied Dazel.

The next day, as the sun rose, the pair of golden eagles swooped down. The creatures who lived around the pond froze in horror as they saw the huge birds fly down and hover above Wiz Rooster's home.

They saw Wiz Rooster trying to say something to them solemnly. The other creatures were aghast as they looked up at the powerful birds looming over Wiz Rooster. They feared for Wiz Rooster's life. What if the eagles attacked him?

And before they knew it, one of the eagles grabbed Wiz Rooster in its vicious-looking curved beak and flew away.

The animals cried out in protest, some squealed in remorse, many even tried to fly after the pair of eagles but they were too fast. After the initial shock and chaos, there was a gloomy silence.

"What should we do?" cried Dazel finally with tears in her eyes. "Does anyone know where these eagles live?"

Grandfather frog, who was one of the oldest creatures there, said, "Eagles normally build their nests, called eyries, in tall trees or on high cliffs."

"But there are plenty of trees and cliffs in D'Land. Where do we start looking?" asked Swain the swan in dismay.

“I’m afraid, I don't know the exact location of these birds myself," said Grandfather Frog sadly, with a shake of his green head.

"Well, we must look everywhere then," said the eldest cuckoo who also lived near the pond.

"Even if we do find Wiz Rooster, are we strong enough to fight those eagles? Who knows how many eagles live together," cried a magpie tearfully.

"But that doesn't mean we don't try looking," said Dazel. All the other birds agreed.

And so the search began. The entire day passed in a frenzy of investigation. The birds flew high and low and looked on the cliffs and even the mountains while the other animals scoured the tallest trees. Even Din Din and his dinosaur friends searched the hills surrounding Fruit Park.

Finally the sun began to set but there seemed to be no sign of the eagles or their beloved teacher and guide, Wiz Rooster.

The animals who gathered at Wiz Rooster's home near the pond at sunset were a dejected bunch. "Wiz Rooster has always been there for us," cried one skylark.

"He is our teacher and mentor—someone who has taught us everything we know," said the cuckoos.

"To think that our leader has been taken by none other than a bird," said Dazel shaking her head mournfully.

That night, hardly anyone slept in D'Land. The birds were especially restless and awaited dawn so they could resume their search for Wiz Rooster.

The next morning the birds awoke as the first rays of the sun bathed D'Land. They hastily gathered outside Wiz Rooster's home full of plans for that day's search.

As they were about to set off, a flap of white wings drew their attention. It was Wiz Rooster! The rooster flew down and landed on the favourite window of his home.

The birds were overcome with joy. There was a cacophony of questions.

"Oh Wiz sir, we are so glad you are safe!" "Wiz Rooster, where have you been?" "Oh Wiz, are you okay? How did you escape the eagles?"

When the noise died down, Wiz Rooster answered with a smile.

"My dear, dear birds and creatures of D'Land. I'm fine as you can all see. Thank you for your love and concern. I was taken by the eagles but not forcefully," Wiz Rooster explained calmly.

"What? But we saw you being taken away in their beak," cried Dazel.

"Yes, that's because I could not fly up high to the point where their eyries are. The rooster replied.

"But why did you have to go with them," asked the cuckoo.

"They have been trying to get me to teach their young ones. These eagles don't attend school during the year. They know I am free in summer so they wanted me to come and tutor their little ones," said Wiz kindly.

"I was just concerned about teaching them because I cannot fly so high up and also because they are an aggressive bunch and difficult to handle," the rooster finished. "Also, don't judge the eagles by their reputation. This is their way of life. They are just different from us. And the eagles of D'Land are relatively less hostile than others."

"Oh Wiz Sir! We have been so worried. But we are so glad you are fine," said Dazel excitedly.

And all the birds chirped joyously in agreement.

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