A Unique Friendship in D'Land

Few people know that there exists a fantastical place called D'Land.

Here, the sun shines brighter than anywhere else and the sky is a cool shade of blue. The lush green trees sway in the fresh air and there are juicy fruits and bright flowers. Its lakes, ponds and springs flow with crystal clear water.

In this land live animals of all kinds, many of which are believed to be extinct.

This land is special because all the flora (plants) and fauna (animals) can understand each other's languages and communicate easily.

In this delightful D'Land, lived a duck called Dazel, who loved to explore. Dazel lived in a pond nestled in a field of buttercups and violets.

She had no family but her pond friends comprising of frogs and insects were good company.

During the day, Dazel spent her time flying around, looking down at D'Land and learning new things. At night, she came to her pond to rest.

One crisp morning, Dazel flew over a patch of emerald green trees. Her eyes spotted something large and green moving among the shrubbery.

She swooped down and perched on the leaf of a papaya tree. Her eyes darted around and saw a huge creature.

She let out a screech and flapped her yellow wings to fly away.

Suddenly, the creature turned around and looked at her. Something in the enormous animal's eyes stopped Dazel.

"Hello," said the creature softly. "Please do not be afraid. I am Din Din, the dinosaur and I wish to be friends with you."

Din Din was a lonely dinosaur and was eager to make friends. All the other young dinosaurs made fun of him and thought that he was too kind-hearted. The rest of the animals were too scared to play with him. They ran away at the sight of his huge size.

Dazel looked at the large creature. There was something about the dinosaur which was endearing and loveable.

Dazel was an excellent judge of character and she figured out that this gigantic creature posed no threat.

"I'm Dazel, the duck," replied Dazel. "I live in the pond near Wiz Rooster's home."

The two creatures began talking and hours flew by.

Since that day, Dazel came to meet Din Din every day.

Din Din lived in a cave in the fruit forest of D'Land and whenever Ducky came, Din Din always collected juicy fruits to serve her.

One day, the two friends decided to have a picnic near a lake that Din Din had discovered.

They chattered as they walked to the lake. The lake water sparkled like diamonds in the spring sunshine.

The two friends settled down on the soft, green grass near the edge of the bank.

Suddenly, they heard a splash of water and a dolphin appeared near the edge of the lake.

When it saw Din Din and Dazel, it dove back inside the water.

Dazel got excited. "Did you see that Din Din? It was a dolphin!"

"Yes, I did. I thought dolphins only lived in rivers and oceans. What's a dolphin doing in a lake?" Din Din said thoughtfully.

"Let's go find out," said curious little Dazel, jumping to her webbed feet.

She waddled to the lake bank and waited. Sure enough, moments later the dolphin's fin appeared from the rippling water.

Dazel flew above the water's edge and called out. "Hello, dolphin! Don't be scared. We just want to be friends."

A few seconds passed and the dolphin's head appeared above the water surface.

It had a sad look in its eyes.

"Hello, little dolphin. What are you doing here in a lake?" Dazel asked.

The dolphin said, "I used to live in a river but one day I accidentally swam away from my family of dolphins and lost my way. As I continued to swim, I found myself in this lake. I haven't been able to find my way back ever since," it replied sorrowfully.

"Don't worry dear. We'll keep you company and someday, maybe you'll be able to find your way back to your family," Dazel said reassuringly.

"Come to the water edge and I'll introduce you to my best friend, Din Din," Dazel said kindly.

At the edge of the lake, the dolphin introduced itself. "My name is Delma. Dazel and Din Din smiled at their water friend. "Don't worry Delma, you aren't alone anymore," said Din Din.

"Yes, Delma," said Dazel, flapping her wings excitedly, "We will all be each other's friends and family!"

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