A wedding in D'land

The signs of summer were in their full glory and the balmy seasonal heat had made the creatures in D’Land lethargic.

“It’s all so boring,” grumbled Dazel the duck. “Nothing exciting has happened for weeks!”

She was at the lakeside with Din Din the dinosaur, waiting for Delma to join them for their daily evening rendezvous.

Just then the two friends sighted a flash of silvery grey in the sparkling blue lake water and Delma’s fin appeared, creating ripples.

“Hello, my dear friends. I have wonderful news to share!” the dolphin greeted them exuberantly. Catching her breath she saw her two friends were hanging onto her every word and waiting for her to continue.

“Our Science teacher Luke, the lake trout, is getting married!” she exclaimed.

“Oh lovely!” cried Din Din and Dazel. “When?” asked Dazel flapping her bright wings.

“Next week! I was at Olly’s house helping him with some research for his book and he shared that his daughter Olivia was getting married to Luke,” Delma shared.

“An octopus marrying a lake trout!” whistled Din Din in wonder. “That is some news! They have such different life styles. I wonder how that will work out.”

“Yes, that’s true. But they are so well suited to each other in temperament. Both are teaching at the Aquatic School and they are both very compassionate and friendly,” said Delma.

“And you know the best part!” Delma continued excitedly. “Olly has asked me to help in the wedding preparations on behalf of the Octopus family. He said I was like a daughter to him!” Delma choked on the words.

Her friends smiled as they knew how much Delma missed having a family.

Delma continued, “The first thing I have to do is help distribute the wedding invitations.”

Over the next few days, Delma was usually found at Olly’s cove. Due to her speed and agility she was given the responsibility of distributing the invitations inscribed on pretty smooth coral rocks.

“Dazel has said she would be glad to distribute the invitations among the birds and Din Din has volunteered to do so among the dinosaurs,” Delma told Olly.

“That’s wonderful!” the old octopus said with a smile. They were seated at the dining table in the underwater cove which served as Olly’s home. Olly’s wife and daughter Olivia — the bride to be — , were discussing seating arrangements at the wedding.

“There are over 300 creatures invited,” Olly’s wife said as she ticked off the list she was peering at before her.

“I hope we are not missing anyone out. Olly you have been such a popular personality; I want to invite all the creatures who are close to you.”

“Holding the ceremony at the Aquatic School premises is such a magnificent idea,” appreciated Delma. “So symbolic.”

The day of the wedding dawned bright and breezy. There was frenzy in the Octopus household.

“Delma I’m glad you’re here bright and early. I want us to be at the coves of the Aquatic School in the morning and see to all the arrangements. When the guests arrive this evening I want the flower decorations in place and the caterers to have their food ready,” Olly said.

As the two set off towards the Aquatic School, Din Din and Dazel were already there.

“We are here to make the flower garlands and drape nearby trees and rocks with these daisies we have picked,” said Dazel animatedly.

“Those look lovely,” Olly said, touched. Just then Luke the groom swam up to them, “Hello Sir. Hello Delma,” he greeted cheerily. He waved at Din Din and Dazel at the lake bank.

“The catering has been arranged; the trio of jelly fish have prepared the fruit hors d’oeuvres and they will serve them too. The cake has been prepared by Bea the beaver,” Luke shared. “Don’t worry about it. Dell and his brothers will be serving all the guests. By noon, the seating shall be arranged.

“The birds will be seated on the red maple trees around the coves where the garlands are hung. Dazel, we will need you to guide them. Make sure Wiz Rooster gets the seat right in front,” instructed Delma.

“The larger terrestrial animals will be seated at the lakeside and the aquatic animals will be in the cove. Din Din, here’s the list of the terrestrial guests. You will usher them. The ceremony will take place on this large boulder,” said Olly pointing to the smooth boulder jutting out of the blue rippling water.

The boulder was adorned with garlands of strung daisies. The surrounding water gleamed with floating pink lotuses.

“It looks gorgeous,” Delma said in awe. As the sizzling sun began to lower in westwards, the guests began to arrive in droves. A chatter of laughter and wishes filled the air. Suddenly, there was silence as a choir of nightingales, perched on the nearest red maple tree, began to sing in unison as the bride revealed herself from the depths of the sparkling water.

Olivia wore a lovely wreath of white Victoria lilies on her head. Luke was all smiles as the couple swam to the boulder- where Olly awaited them.

“It is a special day for me as I have the opportunity to recite the vows which will unite Luke and my daughter Olivia in a sacred marriage,” Olly began. Delma wondered if the sheen in Olly’s wide eyes were teary or whether it was a trick of the fading sunlight.

After the vows were exchanged, the guests cheered loudly and Olly invited them for the feast. Din Din and the beavers quickly set up the makeshift tables on the shore while the aquatic creatures gathered at the lake bank where they were served on banana leaves. Luke and Olivia swam around accepting wishes of the guests.

“What a beautiful ceremony, “ sighed Dazel as she and Din Din sat at the lake’s edge with Delma munching on some cool mango slices which had been served as dessert.

“It’s the first time I have seen such a diverse wedding ceremony,” commented Din Din. “I mean things are different in dinosaur wedding ceremonies at Fruit Park.”

“Diversity is the beauty of D’Land! Our friendship is an ideal example,” said Delma.

“To diversity!” hailed Dazel and Din Din.

And the nightingales’ song rang in their ears promising joy, as the sun set behind them.

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