A winter warm house

D’Land was covered with a thick blanket of snow and the temperature was dropping.

“Isn’t the snow lovely?” exclaimed Dazel as she came to Din Din’s cave to spend Sunday with him. Delma, the dolphin, could not come to the lake’s edge where the three friends usually met. The lake had frozen over and the aquatic animals had all moved to the coves near the Aquatic School where the water was warmer.

But Din Din looked forlorn. “What’s the matter, Din Din?” Dazel asked.

“It’s Grandfather,” said Din Din. “His limbs can’t bear the severe cold. He’s fallen sick. He can’t move.”

“Oh dear,” regretted Dazel. “Did you take him to Dr. Trish?” she asked referring to the veteran dinosaur doctor.

“We are just on our way to call her here as Grandfather is in no condition to walk till there,” Dave, Din Din’s brother shared.

“I’ll come with you,” Dazel said. Soon, Dr. Trish was on her way to Din Din’s large cave home.

“It’s the cold,” she clucked as she examined Grandpa’s limbs. “I have so many elderly patients admitted in my clinic who are suffering from the same issue.

“What is the solution, Doctor?” asked Din Din in concern. “This chilly season will remain for the next two months. How can we help these elderly creatures?”

“The only possible solution I can think of is to make a warm-house and move all senior dinosaurs there for the winter months,” said Dr. Trish.

“What’s a warm-house?” asked Dazel curiously.

“It’s a place where we can make facilities for these creatures to stay warm at all times,” explained Dr. Trish. When she saw that everyone in Din Din’s family was listening closely, she continued.

“We will need to identify the warmest place in D’Land,” the doctor said. “The Dark Forest,” blurted out Din Din. “It’s a tropical forest so it’s quite cosy.”

“Hmm…” Dr. Trish nodded in approval. “That’s true. We can begin by going and investigating which place in the Dark Forest would be best suited, and is large enough, to accommodate these creatures. Then, when all preparations are done, we can start moving these elderly dinosaurs to the Dark Forest.”

“I’ll come with you, Doctor. I have a lot of friends in the Forest,” said Din Din.

“I want to come too,” chimed Dazel.

So after prescribing an oil to rub on Grandpa’s legs, Dr. Trish, accompanied by Din Din and Dazel, headed towards the Dark Forest. Their footprints created a trail in the soft, white snow. Once they entered the forest, the ambiance seemed to change completely. The air was denser and a bit warmer. Due to the thick canopy of trees, the snow had not been able to reach the ground.

“There are a lot of dangerous creatures who live here. They might not like some other creatures intruding,” whispered Dr. Trish.

“Most of the creatures here are not dangerous but they just want privacy,” Din Din shared.

“I am acquainted with the bears, bats, fireflies and butterflies here very well,” said Din Din.

“And I know the butterflies and anacondas,” said Dazel. “I helped these giant snakes set up a school here so they are on good terms with me.”

“That’s a relief. We have to get the consent of most of the inhabitants of the Dark Forest before we can start bringing in the dinosaurs,” said Dr. Trish.

“I know a perfect place in the Dark Forest,” said Dazel suddenly as an idea struck her.

“But you need to let me talk to the creatures which live there privately. This place is a secret even for the inhabitants of the Dark Forest. Din Din, you know what I’m referring to?” Din Din nodded excitedly.

Leaving Dr. Trish bemused, Dazel flew off to a large cave followed closely by Din Din. Inside the cave was a crack in the floor. The duck squeezed herself through the crack and found herself in a stunning land filled with flowers and warm springs. The temperature was much warmer here.

“Hello” Dazel greeted the butterflies who lived in this hidden paradise. “Hello, Dazel,” said the butterflies in surprise. “What brings you here?”

“The winter,” Dazel said frankly. Quickly she explained how so many elderly dinosaurs were suffering due to the cold. “The winter keeps getting severe every year. I know this underground world is a private place for you butterflies. We would never have known about it if Din Din and I hadn’t stumbled upon it a year ago. But I hope you will understand how important it has become to open this place up for those suffering from the chills of winter.”

“Yes, weI understand,” the butterflies said at once. “It’s for a good cause and the dinosaurs are most welcome. However, we will have to create an opening big enough for the dinosaurs to pass through.”

Soon, they brought Dr. Trish to the cave. She peered through the crack and gasped in wonder.

“What an enchanting place. It’s perfect!” the butterflies explained how a tornado had uncovered this hidden land under D’Land.

“Now to inform the other creatures of the Dark Forest!” said Din Din. Grizzly bear and his family were shocked when Din Din told them about this hidden land. Once they got over their initial surprise, they agreed to welcome the aged dinosaurs into the Dark Forest. They volunteered to dig an entrance into this hidden land.

“Don’t worry about informing the other creatures who live here. I will do that,” said Grizzly in his gruff voice. In a short span of two days the entrance to the warm-house was widened. Slowly, the elderly dinosaurs were moved to the cave, led by the younger members.

“Oh my! What a delightful place! And so warm,” exclaimed Din Din’s Grandfather when they brought him into the underground realm.

“I feel better already.” Grandmamma, who also wished to accompany Grandfather, was delighted to see such a comfortable setting.

By the end of the week, twenty senior dinosaurs had been transported to the warm-house. It was a touching sight to see these old dinosaurs walking around comfortably in this underground land. The fruits they had brought with them from Fruit Park were enough to last them for a few weeks.

“And we will visit every weekend, Grandfather,” said Din Din. “I will visit every day,” sniffed Dave, who was upset that his grandparents would be moving out of their cave home for a few weeks.

And so in this manner, with the cooperation of all the creatures of the Dark Forest, winter passed comfortably for the creatures in D’Land.

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