D'land and the unstoppable rain

"Oh my! It's raining," squawked Dazel the duck, as the first few rain drops hit the pond making gentle circles of water around her. Swain the swan and the frog families who lived in the pond also began to cheer as the rain began to fall more quickly.

The animals and plants in D'Land relished the rain; it always brought with it freshness and left greenery and prosperity in its wake. The animals bathed themselves while the plants drank thirstily from the fresh water falling from the heavens.

That night, the rain continued to fall in D'Land. The sky was illuminated by bolts of lightening and the sounds of thunder rumbled.

Delma could not sleep that night. She was worried. The rain had been falling hard for the entire day and even at night. The lake had begun to fill up. In the middle of the night Delma could see that the banks of the lake were beginning to overflow.

"It has never rained like this before, ever since I have come to D'Land," Delma the dolphin said to herself. As the sun began to rise in the morning, the sky was still covered with angry grey clouds and the rain continued to pour.

Din Din was safe in his cave at the Fruit Park but he was worried about his friends Dazel and Delma.

"Mom, I am going to see how Delma and Dazel are," said Din Din to his mother.

"But Din Din, it is raining so hard. You are sure to catch a cold. Please stay home near the bonfire I have made," protested his mother.

"Mother, I have a gut feeling that Delma and Dazel are in trouble. It has rained continuously for an entire day and night. I am afraid that the lake and pond must have overflowed," pleaded Din Din. His mother knew he would not be able to stay at peace until he made sure that his friends were safe so she agreed to let him go.

Din Din trampled through ankle-deep water as he made his way to the pond where Dazel lived. He saw that the pond animals were now shivering with cold. Wiz Rooster was telling them all to come inside his tree house.

Din Din saw Dazel making her way towards him. "Din Din! How are you. Why did you come all the way here from Fruit Park in all this rain?" Dazel asked.

"I was worried about you, Dazel. But I am glad to see that all of you will take refuge in Wiz Rooster's tree house. You will be safe here until the rain stops," answered Din Din. "But what about Delma? Where will she and all the lake animals take shelter?"

"You are right Din Din," said Dazel anxiously. "Let's go and see the condition of the lake." So Din Din and Dazel headed towards the lake. They were aghast to see that the lake bank was overflowing heavily. The heavy torrents of water were carrying away the beaver family. Bea the beaver and her family tried to cling onto the trunk of a fallen tree. Din Din quickly stomped forward to help her. He fished her and her beaver children out of the rushing water and helped carry her to a nearby tree.

Bea and her family cried with relief and thanked Din Din profusely. Just then Dazel spotted Delma. The dolphin was trying to swim against the tide of the lake water. When Delma finally reached the brimming bank, the three friends hugged in relief.

"Oh Delma, we were so worried about you," cried Din Din as the three friends continued to hold each other in the falling rain.

"Yes, I was worried about you all too. Oh, what will happen? The lake bank will overflow and carry away all the aquatic animals.

“The smaller land animals will drown," cried Delma in distress.

Just then Wiz Rooster flew down near them and landed on a rock near the lake. The rooster's feathers were drenched too. "We have to build a barrier around the lake otherwise all this area will be flooded," said Wiz Rooster.

"But how will we do so? The lake is so huge!" exclaimed Din Din.

"We will have to — by working together," urged Wiz Rooster. "Dazel gather as many strong animals as possible near the lake. Also, instruct the smaller animals to find shelter. Din Din, we will need strong creatures so please go and summon as many dinosaurs as possible. Delma ask all the aquatic creatures to help, especially the beavers as they have experience in building dams and call Olly the Octopus."

Dazel flew to spread the message; Din Din hurried to call the dinosaurs for help while Delma soon came with Olly and a group of aquatic creatures. Soon a hoard of creatures was rushing towards the lake. From elephants to horses; from dinosaurs to donkeys; from hippos to flamingoes — all of them listened to Wiz Rooster's instructions. "Collect as many boulders and logs and let us build a high barrier at the lake bank. The lake is huge and a lot of work needs to be done. It could take days if the rain doesn't stop. But this must be done to save D'Land."

All the creatures began to zealously collect logs and push boulders from the nearby forests. It was nightfall and only part of the dam was built at the end of the lake which had been overflowing the most.

"Let us go home and rest and gather our energy for tomorrow," said Olly the Octopus.

"And let us hope and pray that the rain stops tonight," said Wiz Rooster solemnly.

That night the pelting rain finally slowed to a drizzle. By sunrise, the rain had stopped and the sun was beginning to reveal itself in the cloudless sky. All was still after the storm. The creatures of D'Land all gathered at the lake. The ground was muddy and the lake looked full and swollen.

Wiz Rooster told the animals, "The sun will shine brightly and its heat will help dry the ground. In the meantime let us all help each other rebuild our homes."

Soon the terrestrial animals helped rebuild the nests of the birds whose homes had been washed away. The rabbits and moles helped dig trenches for the standing water to flow into. By the end of the day, all the creatures were tired but relieved that the storm had passed.

Wiz Rooster spoke to the creatures before they all left for their homes. "This was an ideal example of teamwork. We all helped each other and that helped us overcome this natural calamity. May this love and togetherness increase day by day."

And the tired yet happy creatures of D'Land cheered loudly.

The Adventures of D'Land
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