Double trouble - Part 2

“Bea’s condition is getting worse,” said Delma to Din Din who had come at sun down to the lakeside. “I think you will have to carry her to Dr. Trish’s clinic. It would be good if she stays there under observation.”

A frail Bea was brought outside the beaver’s dam. Her younger son, Dill led her carefully to where Din Din stood. Dazel, who had been helping, also waddled out of the dam.

“But where is Dell,” Bea insisted in her weak voice.

There was silence as Bea was hoisted upon Din Din’s broad green back. Finally, Delma said, “Dell has gone to Din Din’s garden to bring some Echinacea flowers for you. The doctor said you might need them to make medicine for your recovery. “

Delma blushed furiously at the white lie she had just told Bea but she did not want to distress the sick beaver.

“Shall I come with you both,” asked the young beaver, Dill.

“No,” replied the dinosaur. “Dazel is with me. Bea will be in good hands with Dr Trish.

You stay here and take care of your siblings.“ In a whisper he added, “If Dell returns you come and inform me immediately.”

Din Din and Dazel set off towards Fruit Park with Bea. It was dark when they reached Dr. Trish’s clinic.

The triceratops was just leaving her clinic. In the soft glow of the flickering fireflies the doctor saw the strange sight of the approaching dinosaur and a pale beaver lying on his back and a duck flying above them.

“Is this the sick beaver?” Dr. Trish said brusquely addressing Dazel. “What’s her name,” she asked turning to Din Din.

“Bea,” replied Din Din. She has been sick for a few days. Dr. Owl is on vacation so we brought her here as her condition is getting worse.“

“She has very high fever. I’ll admit her, right away,” Dr. Trish replied. “Dell…Dell,” Bea kept muttering as she lay on the rocky ledge which served as one of the beds in the clinic.

“Who is she calling for?” asked Dr. Trish, as she tipped some green coloured mixture into the beaver’s mouth.

“Her son,” Dazel whispered. When she saw that Bea had fallen asleep, Dazel said, “Dell came to look for you this morning but he stumbled into the jackal’s area by mistake. I have seen his footprints in the jackals’s territory.”

“Oh dear,” said the doctor with a frown. “We must speak to Tazzo; he is the leader of the dinosaurs. He should have a solution.”

“My father already spoke to him today,” said Din Din shaking his head.

“Tazzo says that he will not invade the jackal’s territory unnecessarily for a beaver. He said that if it had been a dinosaur he would have immediately sent someone to negotiate.”

“Hmmm…how typical of Tazzo,” muttered Dr. Trish. “Now what is to become of the poor beaver?”

“My brothers and I have decided to go to the jackal’s area tonight. My friend Dazel will also try to help,” shared Din Din in a whisper. “Now that we know Bea is being treated properly by you we can focus on Dell’s rescue.

In the pale light of the full moon, Din Din returned to his cave home while Dazel went to fly over the jackal’s territory to investigate.

Din Din’s family was waiting for him for dinner. Over a meal of plum stew and pumpkin juice he spoke to his parents and grandparents, “Derek, Dazel and I will go to the jackal’s territory at midnight. We will try to spot where the jackals have held Dell captive. Then maybe we can devise a plan to rescue him.”

“I am just concerned that Tazzo will not appreciate the fact that we are disobeying him. When I spoke to him this evening he explicitly told me that the dinosaurs should not get involved in rescuing a beaver,” Mr. D said with a frown.

“I don’t agree with this philosophy,” spluttered Din Din in agitation. “A creature may be tortured at the hands of these nasty jackals and we are just supposed to sit back? His mother is so concerned about him. We have to rescue Dell before Bea recovers!”

“I agree, Dad,” said Derek. “You elders don’t get involved. In Tthat way if something does go wrong and Tazzo finds out that we were trying to rescue Dell, you all can just say you had no knowledge that your kids were part of the rescue effort.”

Din Din’s elders all nodded, “We also want Dell to be rescued. But we are worried about you both,” said Grandpa in a shaky voice.

“Wish us luck, Grandpa,” said Din Din with confidence that he did not quite feel. The sound of the crickets was the only thing which could be heard when Din Din and Derek reached the border which divided Fruit Park into two parts — one for the jackals and the other for the dinosaurs.

Dazel emerged from behind one of the mango trees. “What took you both so long?” she whispered. Without waiting for an answer she added urgently, “I flew over the jackal’s area: I can’t see Dell anywhere!”

“But we saw his footprints leading towards the jackal’s vicinity,” hissed Din Din.

“It’s a mystery. I could make out that the jackals were also looking for someone,” responded Dazel.

“Could it be…” said Derek. His statement was interrupted by something moving below their feet. Din Din jumped back in alarm. Derek stepped back gingerly. The soil seemed to move and suddenly a head popped out of the ground. “Dell!” yelped Din Din.

The beaver shook off the dark soil that clung onto his silky coat and scampered out.

“Hey! Din Din and Dazel!” Dell said. “Can’t stop to chat. Have to take my Ma to the doctor,” he added.

“We have already admitted your mother in Dr. Trish’s clinic. Don’t worry about her. But how did you escape from the jackals?” replied Dazel.

“When I entered Fruit Park to look for Dr. Trish, I lost my way and ventured into the jackals area. They put me in a cage and were talking about how to use me to bargain with the dinosaurs. I waited for nightfall and then when the guards fell asleep I dug my way out underground,” Dell explained nonchalantly.

“They hadn’t counted on me taking the underground route,” the beaver retorted. “I was just worried about Ma. I want to go visit her.”

“Yes, let’s hurry. I could spot some jackals searching for someone. Let’s get as far away from here as possible,” said Dazel.

The foursome crept away as fast as their legs would carry them. At Dr. Trish’s clinic the next morning, Bea opened her eyes to see Dell peering down at her.

“Dell, my son,” she croaked. “Where were you?”

“You know your son can’t keep away from trouble!” grinned Dell. “As long as you’re fine, there’s nothing to worry about.”

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