How fantastic is fruit park - Part 2

Oh dear!“ exclaimed Din Din as he awoke early that much-anticipated Sunday morning. The sky was a dreary grey and it threatened to rain.

“It’s going to rain,” he rushed inside to tell his family who were still getting out of bed.

“What will happen to the Fruit Fest?” asked Derek rubbing his droopy eyes. “Will the Fair be cancelled?” questioned Dave in disappointment.

“We will have to find out,” said Mr. D. “I will go and check. Din Din, come with me.”

Father and son trudged towards the Orange Orchard, the large clearing where the fair was to be held. Expecting to find it deserted, the duo was surprised to find the kiosks being set up. Tazzo was directing his team of workers to erect a huge awning of bamboo sticks and banana leaves.

“Come on Din Din,” Tazzo gestured to him as he saw the dinosaur approach. “You are young and strong. Help these youngsters erect the awning. The Fruit Fest must go on. We cannot let something like a splattering of rain delay our great plans for today.” Din Din was inspired by Tazzo’s determination and resilience.

“Dad, go and get mom’s chocolate boxes and please ask Derek, Dave and Don to carry my baskets here carefully,” Din Din said.

Mr. D scurried away back home while Din Din began to help the young dinosaurs erect the huge bamboo poles on the sides of the clearing while the lighter oviraptor dinosaurs tied more bamboo sticks onto the top of the shed-like awning. The oviraptors leapt from one bamboo railing to another and covered them with long banana leaves. It was hard work but soon the awning was up and the kiosks were also arranged with the wares.

Mrs. Dee’s stall looked tempting with her array of chocolates and Din Din quickly arranged his vibrant baskets. The other stalls included shakes and juices as well as accessories made from berries and flowers. There were toys made from coconut shells and collages made from the seeds of fruits. Fruit oils and seed scrubs were sold as cosmetic items. One popular stall was of Din Din’s stegosaurus neighbours who were painting portraits of the visitors and selling them.

“How creative it all looks,” commented Grandmamma who was helping Din Din at his stall. “This is a great way for creatures to be inventive and showcase their talent. It’s also an opportunity to come together as a community.”

“Yes, this was Tazzo’s vision for the Fair. He wanted to show how dynamic dinosaurs are and what a wonderful place they have made Fruit Park into,” said Grandpa. “He is an energetic leader even though at times he can be aggressive.”

Din Din agreed, “Yes, Grandpa. I was am very impressed with the way he handled the situation today. He did not let the unpredictability of the weather get in the way of his plans. We need someone like him to be progressive.” Soon the guests started trickling in. Even though there was a slight drizzle but it didn’t affect the kiosks. The birds, ostriches, chipmunks, badgers, rabbits, peacocks and even the pumas and cheetahs came to see what the fair offered. Dazel was one of the first guests. Swain the swan and Candy the canary were with her.

“Hello Din Din,” the duck greeted Din Din and his family sunnily.

“What a lovely fair,” remarked Swain looking around curiously. “I’m very impressed. I love this shade you all have created. Shelter from the sun as well as the rain!”

“I’m going to get those chocolates your mother makes. I have heard so much about them,” said Candy fluttering off.

Din Din’s baskets were appreciated and a few were even sold. He collected a sack of grain, a bag of carrots, almonds and a honey comb as barter for his baskets.

“That’s very lovely,” commented Dr. Trish, the triceratops. “I would like three of your baskets for some of my very sick patients, Din Din.” She bartered three pots of massaging olive oil she had created herself in exchange of the baskets.

“Oh my! This oil will be great for my aching legs,” commented Grandpa whose joints had been giving him trouble recently.

It was afternoon when the trouble began. A group of jackals tried to enter the fair. When a host of young dinosaurs tried to stop them, one of the jackals argued loudly.

“All the creatures of D’Land are invited to this fair and we live in Fruit Park itself. Why should we not attend?”

Din Din and his brothers glanced anxiously at the entrance of the Orange Orchard where the argument was ensuing.

“These jackals are always looking to create trouble,” murmured Din Din. “I’m sure there will be a brawl and it will spoil the entire event.”

Tazzo and a few elder dinosaurs walked up to the entrance. Everyone’s eyes were glued to the cluster of creatures gathered. There seemed to be a hush over the crowd.

“Hello, dear neighbours! We are so glad you all could come. Let me accompany you all to the stalls,” Tazzo said smoothly addressing the group of four jackals. His words were welcoming and there was a smile on his face yet the smile did not quite reach his eyes.

The jackals seemed to be taken aback by Tazzo’s welcome. They moved from stall to stall commenting on the wares and sniggering. They joked crudely about the items being sold. Din Din noticed that they did not have anything with them to barter. At Din Din’s mother’s stall they began to finger the chocolates.

“We would like to offer a box of berry balls to you as a gift,” said Tazzo amiably as he picked up a box from Mrs. Dee’s stall. The jackals accepted eagerly.

When the jackals spit out the seeds of the berry balls carelessly, Tazzo’s eyes blazed with anger but he motioned to a young dinosaur to pick them up and dispose them off properly.

“This Fair is boring,” finally one of the jackals declared, screwing up his scarred nose. His companions nodded. Soon they left the orchard laughing raucously. The dinosaurs, as well as the rest of the guests, took a sigh of relief.

“Why did Tazzo not throw the jackals out?” asked Derek in puzzlement. “How dare they come and behave as if they were invited?”

“No, Derek. Tazzo did the right thing. The jackals came with the intention to pick a fight. If he would have argued with them our event would have been spoilt. By handling them tactfully he called their bluff,” Din Din explained.

“Tazzo saved the day!” Grandpa agreed. “Now let’s enjoy the rest of the fair in peace!”

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