Monitor with a heart

Ma, I'm off to school.

Please, tell Derek, Dave and Don to come by themselves," hollered Din Din as he left his cave home.

"But Din Din, have you had breakfast? Why are you going to school so early?" asked Mrs. Dee as she laid the breakfast table.

"Yes, Ma! I've grabbed a couple of apples to munch on the way. I need to be in school for an early morning meeting of all the monitors. We have an oath taking ceremony today in front of the whole school," explained Din Din.

"Best of luck, dear," said Mrs. Dee rushing forward to hug Din Din. "And remember, being monitor is a big responsibility. Do your duty with sincerity and show respect to everyone, Din Din smiled at his mother and with a quick wave he set off towards school.

These days he looked forward to reaching school. "Maybe it's because I feel I am making a difference. Maybe it's because I am getting respect like I've never experienced before due to my position as class monitor," he wondered to himself as he hurried towards the Terrestrial School. Whatever the reason, school had become one of his favourite places.

In the meeting that morning, the school principal, Old Rex the tyrannosaurus, addressed the monitors. "Today you will pledge to serve the school and do your duty with perseverance and dedication. I wish you luck and also take this opportunity to remind you that being part of the student council is a tremendous honour."

Din Din's heart swelled with pride; his cheeks reddened with pleasure. "I promise to serve the school," he pledged in the oath-taking ceremony in unison with 30 other monitors.

Cindy the cheetah, his closest friend and classmate, came up to Din Din during recess time and said, "Wow Din Din! How does it feel? You finally have a monitor badge!" she said eyeing the golden coloured badge which hung around Din Din's neck gleaming in the sunlight.

Din Din grinned, "It feels great, Cindy. The last week, while we were being trained as monitors, has been tough but thrilling. Having this badge is such a privilege. I can hardly believe that I have been chosen for this responsibility."

"Tyro and his gang have been talking about how bossy you have become," commented Cindy as they shared the fruit salad Mrs. Dee had packed for Din Din's lunch.

Din Din swallowed hard. "Really? Do you think I have become bossy, Cindy?"

"No, I think being monitor means telling everyone to follow rules and regulations. Others might consider it bossiness but at the end of the day you're just doing your job," the cheetah said solemnly. "Thanks, Cindy," replied Din Din gratefully. That afternoon Tyro, the tyrannosaurus, and his gang were creating a racket in the library.

"Tyro, please! You're disturbing the others," said Din Din with a frown. "Some of us are trying to study."

"Oh my! As if you're going to stand first in class," Tyro sneered. "Din Din, you might be a monitor this year but next year when you're an ordinary student again, you'll have me to deal with!" he threatened.

Din Din gulped. His heart was thumping. Everyone was looking at Din Din waiting to see what his reaction would be.

Just then the librarian, Sandra the stork, strode upto them. "Tyro, what's all this noise? Leave the library at once!"

Tyro glared at Din Din as he stalked off.

The next morning, Din Din was checking everyone's nails before they entered the assembly hall. Tyro's claws were long and soiled.

"You'll have to trim your nails, Tyro," said Din Din gently. "If Tessa, the Vice Principal, sees your nails she will send you to detention."

Tyro ignored him. When their class teacher, Paula, the puma, spotted Tyro's nails in class she sent him to the Vice Principal's office at once.

"Tyro has been given detention," confided Cindy during recess.

"I don't know why he's giving me such a hard time?" wondered Din Din.

"I think he wished to be monitor this year," guessed Cindy. "But he doesn't realize that someone as hot tempered as him can never be a monitor. A monitor needs to be calm yet in control. You're doing a great job, Din Din!" she said squeezing his shoulder reassuringly.

The next day Tyro was playing truant. "He hasn't attended two of his classes this morning," Paula, the puma, told Din Din. "See where he is," the cat growled.

Din Din marched around the Terrestrial School premises. He was accompanied by the head of the monitors, Boris, the bear.

"He is sure to get suspended," Boris rumbled as they looked around. "I have a test in this class. You look around and report him directly to Old Rex."

Din Din finally spotted Tyro behind the sports field. "Tyro, all the teachers are looking for you!" Din Din exclaimed.

Tyro moaned in pain as he looked up. "I've sprained my foot while kicking the ball," he groaned.

"Oh dear! Come lean on me," he cried urgently. Din Din helped Tyro up and helped him hobble off the field. The school nurse wrapped his ankle after massaging it with an ointment.

"Thanks, Din Din," Tyro whispered as he lay on the bed in the school sick bay.

"You're welcome," Din Din said kindly.

The news of Tyro being helped by Din Din spread like wildfire over the school and helped Din Din win everyone's respect.

"Din Din, I'm very impressed by the way you're handling your responsibility," remarked Paula. "It's easy to be bossy in a position of authority but difficult to be kind and win everyone's respect. You have done that! Keep it up."

That evening Din Din enveloped his mother in a bear hug. "Ma! I love being a monitor. Thanks for all your advice."

"Your heart is in the right place and it will guide you," Mrs. Dee replied with pride.

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