Rocks that glow

Din Din and his brothers were planning a pantomime.

This will be truly exciting,“ said their Grandmama who was their acting tutor and the inspiration behind their passion for putting up dramas and skits.

Summer was approaching and Grand-mama had great plans for their summer break.

This summer, we will organize a pantomime which is a comical performance with costumes,“ she announced.

There were several young dinosaurs who found acting interesting and they used to come to Grandmama every Saturday for acting classes under the shade of the mango trees near their cave home: The Mango Theater’—that’s what Din Din jokingly called their rapidly growing company of actors.

This afternoon, Grandmama had interrupted their reading of a play about a band of thieves and shared her idea about organizing a pantomime. The afternoon sun was harsh but a cool breeze was blowing, carrying with it the tangy scent of ripening green mangoes which hung on the branches above them.

“All we need is a funny script and costumes,” Grandmama said excitedly. She might have seemed old and feeble but had plenty of energy and was packed with passion for the performing arts.

When news of the approaching pantomime spread in Fruit Park, more and more young dinosaurs and even other terrestrial creatures came to Grandmama’s acting class on Saturday.

In a matter of weeks, the students of the Mango Theater were all prepared to perform before an audience. The script was written by Grandmama and Grandpa and the young students had memorized their lines beautifully. The jokes were hilarious and even the costumes were being designed by the mothers’ of the performing creatures. There were 5 acts in all, giving every student an opportunity to perform.

“When will the pantomime be held?” begged Din Din and the rest of the troupe.

“Next Saturday night,” Grandmama suggested. Everyone nodded fervently, their hearts thumping with excitement.

“We can’t wait!” the young entertainers hollered.

That night, at home after dinner, Grandmama called Din Din, Derek, Dave and Don. “We must prepare for the performance. We just have a week,” she said solemnly.

“But we are prepared! Our rehearsals are perfect!” cried Don. “Yes, my dear! But we need to find out if the orange orchard is free that night. We need to make entry tickets. We also require the fireflies’ assistance to provide light on the night of the event,” said Grandpa who was also helping them.

“I can go to the fireflies tomorrow,” said Din Din.

“I’ll go ask Old Rex if we can have the orange orchard for next Saturday night,” offered Grandpa.

“We can make the tickets,” said Derek. Dave and Don nodded in agreement.

That Sunday morning, Din Din set off with his best friend Dazel to the fireflies’ home in the dense Dark Forest. Soon, near a marshy area, they met a host of brown, leather winged insects.

Flo, one of the eldest fireflies, greeted them, “Din Din! Dazel! What a pleasant surprise!”

“We wanted to invite you to grace us with your presence and light up our pantomime in Fruit Park this Saturday,”

Din Din said politely. He knew that the fireflies did not like to be taken for granted.

“This Saturday? I’m afraid we can’t. We are celebrating the festival of lights in the Dark Forest this entire fortnight and all the fireflies will be occupied in providing light here for two weeks,” Flo said shaking her head in remorse.

A dejected Din Din shared the news with his grandparents that evening. “No fireflies means no light and no light means we can’t hold the pantomime at night,” Din Din said with a frown.

“We can hold the pantomime after 15 days,” suggested Grandpa.

“Or during the day,” advised Derek.

“No it won’t be the same,” Grandma-ma said. “A performance at night has an unparalleled charm. It will look spectacular! During the day it’ll be too hot and uncomfortable. Also, the kids are all raring to perform and their enthusiasm is at the hilt. If we delay for two weeks, it will be so disappointing!”

“Grandmama, isn’t there another way to get light?” asked Din Din.

Grandmama looked at her determined grandson. “Din Din, I may not know of another way to get light but I do know that there must be another way.

“Then if there is a way, I will find it,” Din Din said, his mouth set in a resolute line. “The pantomime will happen as per plan on this Saturday and at night!”

Din Din’s family looked at each other in amazement. What was Din Din planning to do?


(End of Part 1)

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