The evil twin - Part 1

After a long, tiring, yet, fruitful day at Aviary School, Dazel the duck went to Wiz Rooster's office in Aviary School. Wiz Rooster was the principal of the Aviary School and one of the most respected creatures in D'Land.

"Hello, Sir," chirped Dazel. "The new books in the Aviary School library have been logged and labeled just like you had instructed us to."

The rooster seated on his wooden chair looked at Dazel with a smirk. "Well, who told you to be so efficient?" the rooster said with a cackle. "Were you staying back after school hours to help teachers? What a nerd!"

"W...what?" stammered a stunned Dazel.

The rooster threw back his head and laughed.

Just then someone came into the office.

"Tezz? Have you been bothering Dazel?" came Wiz Rooster's stern voice from behind Dazel.

Dazel turned around. It was Wiz Rooster. She spun back in front. Before her too, was a replica of the rooster—the same white feathers and red comb.

Dazel rubbed her eyes in amazement. "Wiz Sir?" she questioned.

The rooster who had entered the room said, "I'm Wiz Rooster, Dazel. And this is my twin brother, Tezz."

"Oh! I see!" exclaimed Dazel and her face broke into a smile. "I just came to tell you that the chores you had given us are done."

Tezz who was still sitting on Wiz Rooster's chair gave a dramatic sigh and interrupted by saying, "Oh Wiz. Are all your students' goody-two-shoes like yourself?"

Wiz Rooster pointedly ignored his brother's comment and looked at Dazel, "Thank you so much, Dazel. You and your classmates are always such a big help. I'll come with you to the library to check."

Dazel left the office with Wiz Rooster, throwing a fleeting backward glance at his twin brother.

"Umm, I had no idea you had a twin brother, Sir," said Dazel as she and Wiz Rooster walked towards the library.

"Yes, no one knows actually. He is an adventurer and likes to travel around D'Land. I have seen him after years myself. He comes and goes at his whim," said Wiz. 'Are you and your brother close?" asked Dazel curiously, "He seems... umm...very different from you."

Wiz Rooster smiled sadly, "We have hardly spent any time together. Only in our childhood did we live together. At that time too we didn't get along a lot because we had such different natures. Once we were a little older he left our family to seek adventures."

After a pause Wiz Rooster said, "I just have a favour to ask of you. Don't mention anything about my brother, Tezz, to anyone."

When he saw Dazel's puzzled look he smiled quickly, "I'm sure Tezz will leave in a day or two and I don't want to cause undue confusion in Aviary School because of the way we look so alike."

"I understand, Sir," replied Dazel earnestly.

It was evening when Dazel reached the lake to meet her best friends Din Din and Delma. It was very difficult not to share such big news with her friends but Dazel kept quiet because of the promise she had made to Wiz Rooster.

The next day when Dazel reached Aviary School there was chaos everywhere.

"What's the matter?" she asked when she noticed that all the birds were roaming around aimlessly.

"There's no school today," said Candy the canary.

"Why? That's never happened before?" asked Dazel, bewildered.

"I can't understand either. Wiz Rooster suddenly came at the Aviary School gates and announced that there would be no school today because of the good weather. What kind of reason is that? Very irresponsible!" commented Candy, snobbishly.

"That's not like Wiz Rooster at all. He makes sure that school is on, even on rainy days," said Dazel quietly.

"Well, I saw him announce it himself," retorted Candy.

Dazel set off towards Wiz Rooster's office, her mind racing.

She knocked the office door but there was no reply. Dazel gently nudged the door open with her wing and saw that the usually neat office had been turned upside down.

Looking out of the window was the white rooster.

"Sir?" Dazel said softly.

The rooster turned around. At once she could tell that it wasn't Wiz Rooster but Tezz.

"Tezz?" asked Dazel.

"No, no my dear! It's me Wiz Rooster," replied the rooster with a grin.

"No, you're not. You may look like him, but I have known Wiz Rooster for years. You are nothing like him. That evil glint in your eyes tells me that you are Tezz!" said Dazel shivering with rage.

Tezz looked at Dazel for a moment. Then his face broke into a dark smile. "How will you prove that I am not Wiz?"

"I don't know. But first tell me what have you done to Wiz?" asked Dazel in fear.

Tezz laughed wickedly. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

"Why are you doing this?" Dazel begged. "Wiz Rooster is the kindest creature I know. Why would you want to harm him?"

Tezz's face lost his smile. His eyes became red. "Wiz is my twin brother, but he has become so popular and wise. I was the adventurous one; I was supposed to be the brother with the more interesting life. I travelled around D'Land and when I had seen all there was to see, I came back to Wiz to gloat that I was better than him. But here I found out that he had become principal of the Aviary School and everyone paraded around him saying "Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!" Tezz spat out, panting with emotion.

"I realized I was jealous of him. I wanted this life! So I took it from him!" Tezz finished with a sly grin.

"No," cried Dazel. "I won't let you take over his life! I won't let you harm him! I will find him and disclose to everyone who you are."

And with those words Dazel rushed out of the office.

Dazel flew hastily to the lake hoping to find one of her friends. But it was still noon and Din Din was at Terres¬trial School and Delma at Aquatic School. They would come that evening. Until then Dazel had to think of a plan to show the creatures of D'Land that Tezz was not Wiz and that Wiz Rooster had been kidnapped.

"But how," Dazel whispered to herself realizing how difficult this challenge was.

(end of part 1)

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