The evil twin - Part 2

“Wiz Rooster has an identical twin brother. The creature who is pretending to be principal of the Aviary School and creating chaos is not Wiz Rooster but his brother Tezz," explained Dazel desperately to her best friends Din Din and Delma at the lake.

"They might look alike but they are poles apart," said Dazel in agitation. "You have to help me prove that this is not Wiz Rooster but Tezz. You have to help me find out what Tezz has done to Wiz Rooster."

"We believe you Dazel but how will we make everyone else believe this incredulous story? We need to have solid proof," said Delma.

"I have already confronted Tezz! I told him to his face this morning that I knew he was not Wiz and he admitted it. But he laughed at me saying that there was no way I could prove that! He has done all this because he was jealous of his brother Wiz Rooster's popularity and wisdom," revealed Dazel.

The next day, Dazel went to Aviary School and to her relief found that classes were on as usual. Wiz Rooster who conducted the school assembly and was usually kind and benevolent was ordering the teachers and children around. Dazel watched all this in silence. Tezz looked at Dazel and smirked in a challenging way.

"What's happened to Wiz Rooster?" Swain the swan and Rita the robin discussed during recess time as all the birds sat together nibbling on their snack of grains and seeds.

"I have never seen him in such an arrogant mood!" agreed Davy the dove. "Even the teachers were murmuring among themselves at Wiz Rooster's temperament."

Dazel just listened to all the whispers, but inside she was cringing with frustration.

That afternoon, after school, Dazel flew around D'Land hoping to find out where Tezz could have kept Wiz Rooster. But D'Land was too huge and Dazel didn't know where to start. Dejected, she flew to the lake that evening where Delma and Din Din were waiting for her.

"Everyone has begun to talk about the change in Wiz Rooster. Tezz is behaving like a bully and that is very unlike Wiz Rooster who never misuses his authority," said Dazel.

"I just thought of something. It's Wiz Rooster's birthday this Friday. Why don't we plan a party at the lake and then refer to all the times Wiz Rooster helped us out. That will confuse Tezz and succeed in creating a doubt in the other creatures’ minds about him when we finally reveal that he is not Wiz Rooster, said Delma.

Dazel nodded her head, a plan forming in her mind.

The next morning Dazel spoke to her teacher in Aviary School. "It's Wiz Rooster's birthday tomorrow. We should plan a surprise for him, Ms. Thrush." Everyone loved Dazel's suggestion and began planning the surprise party. It was finally decided that on Friday evening Dazel would bring Wiz Rooster to the lake and the birds of Aviary School and other creatures who wished to attend would celebrate his birthday.

On Friday evening, Dazel knocked the door of Wiz Rooster's office.

"Come in!" came the sharp reply. "Sir, I am here to take you to the lakeside. There is something I wanted to show you," said Dazel solemnly.

"If this is one of your ways to prove that I'm not Wiz Rooster then please don't waste your time. No one will believe you!" snapped Tezz as he lazed in Wiz Rooster's chair.

"No, Sir. It's nothing like that. I...I have accepted that there is no way anyone will believe my story about identical twin brothers. Actually everyone has planned a surprise for you at the lakeside," said Dazel innocently.

Tezz grinned in agreement and the two set off towards the lake. All the birds cheered when they saw the rooster approach and cried "Happy Birthday!" in unison.

Tezz grinned at all the attention. "Thank You!" he replied pompously and accepted the gifts the birds had brought him.

Dazel waited until everyone was seated at the big wooden table the birds had erected.

Dazel began, "Wiz Sir, I take this moment to thank you for all the times you have helped and guided us. Remember the time you gave my friend the dolphin a new name, Delma for being the lake protector? What was her old name which you changed?" said Dazel looking pointedly at Tezz. "Ahem...ummm..," said a startled Tezz. "I can't seem to recall."

"It was Dolph!" answered Dazel.

"Oh! And the time you organized the Aviary School camping trip! It was so much fun! Thank you!" continued Dazel. "Where did you take us last summer.

The birds looked at the rooster for an answer. "Umm...where...?" spluttered Tezz.

"It was just a few months ago, Sir," said Dazel in mock amazement. "We went to the beach."

"I'm sure you recall the unstoppable rain and flood we had in D'Land and how you guided us through that?" questioned Dazel innocently. "Please share your feelings about that."

"Yes! I stopped the floods, didn't I," said Tezz arrogantly trying to cover up his ignorance.

"No actually. No one can 'stop' a flood. You helped guide us in rebuilding the homes of the creatures who had lost their homes," said Dazel correcting him.

The other birds had begun to look at Dazel strangely. Finally, Ms Thrush interrupted Dazel saying, "Uh... Yes, thank you, Dazel. Let us all enjoy Wiz Rooster's birthday now."

Dazel nodded her head, "Yes, Ms. Thrush. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to thank Wiz Rooster for his guidance in all matters. He is so loved and respected because he has been ready to aid and assist all creatures in all matters." Dazel looked at Tezz pointedly.

The other creatures clapped and then became engrossed in reveling in the feast before them. But Dazel continued to glare at Tezz who was seated at the head of the table. She could sense that her words had made Tezz quiet and uncomfortable. Was it guilt she saw on Tezz's face?

(end of part 2)

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