The fox feud - Part 1

Din Din was on his way to his garden, brimming with energy. He had been looking forward to planting his hibiscus and zinnia bulbs to make his garden even more vibrant.

“Burrow the rabbit has been so kind to barter these flower bulbs in exchange for my purple coneflower saplings,” Din Din said to himself, smiling contently.

“Hello Kit,” Din Din greeted his pet cat who was also his garden caretaker. “How are your kittens doing?” he said cheerily.

“Fine, Din Din,” began Kit. “But you have an unexpected visitor,” she finished tremulously.

“Who?” asked Din Din, carrying the zinnia bulbs to the patch which he had dug out the day before. The scent of the upturned soil was sweet and musky to him.

“It’s me, Din Din,” said a voice. Din Din turned around to see a family of foxes behind him.

“Remember me,” one of the foxes said with a twist of his lips.

“Filip,” said Din Din making an effort to smile. “How are you? It’s been a long time.”

“Well, yes,” said Filip. “I see your garden is as grand as ever….” Filip took a deep breath and continued, “I won’t beat around the bush, Din Din… I need a favour!” he said. “This is my family — my father and mother and my pack of four siblings — two brothers and two sisters.”

“Hello,” said Din Din politely but he was filled with a feeling of foreboding at the sight of the fox family.

“I wonder why they are here,” the dinosaur thought to himself.

“We need a home, Din Din,” Filip said. “Our pack had a fight with the other foxes who live up in the woodlands of the Northern Mountains. They have driven us out of our territory. We need a place to stay for a few days and we were hoping you could help. I told my parents that you have always showed kindness to me and you wouldn’t refuse to help. We will be safe from the other foxes if they know we are living under the protection of a dinosaur.”

“Uh…certainly. But I’m afraid my home isn’t large enough to accommodate your family,” Din Din said hesitantly. “We are eight people in my cave home, and Fruit Park, where I live, is already distributed between the dinosaurs and the jackals. Sso I don’t think you all will be comfortable there…” Din Din babbled on.

“We were hoping we could stay here in your garden,” Filip interrupted. “We will try to find a suitable place to stay as soon as possible,” Filip’s father, the Reynard, said gruffly.

Din Din was stunned into silence. “We will be so grateful for your help,” Filip’s mother joined in, her face weary and haggard.

Din Din sighed. “Certainly,” Din Din nodded finally. “Kit,” he said turning to the cat. “Do we have a place which Filip and his family can use as a shelter?” Kit quietly padded to her home, built under a clump of pretty pink Weeping Cherry trees ushering her kittens inside. Din Din understood what she meant.

Turning to Filip Din Din said, “Kit and her kittens live in this tiny hovel under the Weeping Cherry trees. Perhaps you and your family can stay on the other side under the citrus trees.”

“Thank you,” Filip said solemnly. He led his family to the farthest side of the garden.

Din Din was in deep thought as he patted the soil to plant the hibiscus bulbs. Kit wandered up to him, her kittens in tow.

“Din Din, my kittens are scared of these foxes,” Kit mewed.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of Kit,” Din Din said with a conviction he didn’t quite feel. “Besides they are here only for a few days.”

The next day when Din Din came to the garden, there were a few more uninvited guests.

He saw a pack of four lanky foxes lounging under the shade of the cherry trees. They were munching on a few berries which had blossomed recently and Din Din winced when he saw how the berry bushes had been carelessly trampled on.

“Greetings,” said Din Din with forced cheer. “How may I help you?”

“These berries are really sweet,” one of the foxes said wiping his mouth with the back of his paw. Then with a smile he said, “Yes, my dear dinosaur. You can certainly help us by handing over the family of foxes who have sought refuge in your garden.”

Din Din turned to glance at the citrus trees. There was no sign of Filip or his family.

Kit climbed up onto Din Din’s green shoulder and whispered, “Filip and his clan ran when they saw these foxes approaching from the distance. They went southwards.”

Din Din cleared his throat, “My caretaker tells me that Filip and his family have left. They only stayed here last night.”

“I see,” said the fox. “I think you should know that you have been giving shelter to criminals.”

“Criminals!” Din Din exclaimed in shock.

“Yes, they have run away from our clan of foxes after injuring one of our leaders,” said the large fox. “My name is Reynold and I am son of the leader of the foxes up near the Northern Mountain woodlands. Filip and his brothers attacked my brother savagely and it was a wonder that he survived the attack,” Reynold said solemnly.

“When we went to bring Filip and his brothers before my father, who had ordered that they be thrown down a cliff, the entire family fled…they have been running for three days now,” Reynard drawled.

“I am telling you this so that if they return you will not help them any longer but you will inform us so that justice can be done.”

“But why did your father order them to be thrown from a cliff? And that too for a small scuffle between your brother and them?” Din Din asked incredulously.

“My brother is no ordinary fox!” Reynard snarled. “He is my father’s heir. We will make sure Filip and his brothers pay for their audacity!”

With those words Reynard motioned to his companions and they ambled away. Din Din frowned.

“Where did Filip go, Kit?” he asked. “If these foxes catch him, his family is doomed.”


End of Part 1

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