EP 10: Accepting Yourself
What private conversation is Din Din having?
EP 09: Stranger Danger
There’s a scary crocodile in D'Land.
EP 08: Saving Mother Nature
Why is the lake smelling and so littered?
EP 07: Deceit Never Wins
What has Dazel lost?
EP 06: Celebrating Differences
What's hiding behind the bushes?
EP05: Sharing is Caring
Dazel is collecting some rare objects. What are these?
EP 04: The Power of Teamwork
What goods is Din Din about to deliver and to whom?
EP 03: Being Grateful
What is Din Din hiding from his mom?
EP 02: The Friendship Blossoms
What will Din Din and Dazel encounter?
EP 01: A Unique Friendship Begins
A unique friendship begins...
D'Land ®
Dazel - The Duck
Din Din - The Dinosaur
Delma - The Dolphin
The Adventures of D'Land
The Adventures of D'Land ®
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